Exploring the Variety of Car Weapons in Gaslands: Guns, Rockets, and More!

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Gaslands is a tabletop game that combines post-apocalyptic racing with vehicular combat. In this chaotic and action-packed game, players have the opportunity to customize their vehicles with a wide range of weapons. From guns to rockets, the variety of car weapons in Gaslands is vast and exciting. In this article, we will delve into the different types of car weapons available in Gaslands and explore their unique features and strategies.


Guns are the most basic and common type of car weapon in Gaslands. They provide a reliable and versatile option for players. There are various types of guns available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some guns have a longer range, allowing players to attack from a distance, while others have a shorter range but offer higher damage output. It is important for players to consider their playstyle and the terrain of the game when choosing which guns to equip their vehicles with.


Rockets are a more powerful and destructive car weapon in Gaslands. They can deal massive damage to both vehicles and terrain, making them a valuable asset in the game. However, rockets have limited ammunition and can be more difficult to aim accurately. Players must carefully plan their shots and consider the positioning of their opponents to maximize the impact of their rocket attacks.


Flamethrowers are a unique and intimidating car weapon in Gaslands. They excel at close-range combat, engulfing enemy vehicles in flames and causing significant damage over time. Flamethrowers can be particularly effective against heavily armored vehicles, as the flames can bypass armor and directly damage the internal components of the vehicle. However, flamethrowers have a limited range and require players to get up close and personal with their opponents, making them a risky but rewarding choice.


Mines are a strategic and defensive gaslands car weapons. Players can deploy mines on the track to create obstacles and traps for their opponents. When triggered, mines can cause damage to nearby vehicles, disrupt their movement, and create chaos on the battlefield. Mines can be a valuable tool for controlling the flow of the game and defending key positions.

Special Weapons

In addition to the standard car weapons, Gaslands also offers a variety of special weapons that can be equipped to vehicles. These special weapons have unique abilities and can provide players with a tactical advantage. From smoke launchers that create cover and obscure vision to oil slicks that cause opponents to lose control, special weapons add an extra layer of strategy to the game.


The variety of car weapons in Gaslands allows players to customize their vehicles and create their own unique playstyles. Whether you prefer the reliability of guns, the destructive power of rockets, the intimidation of flamethrowers, the strategic use of mines, or the tactical advantage of special weapons, Gaslands offers something for every player. So gear up, customize your vehicles, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled race with explosive combat in Gaslands!

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